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Study Shows Benefits of a Low Dose Aspirin Toxin

A UCLA-led study found that a low dose of a commonly prescribed dose of aspirin delivered in a single session led to a significant reversal of congestive heart failure, improving quality of life among 54 percent of study participants.
To reach these conclusions, the team conducted a trial with 954 participants determined to test the effect of a low dose aspirin treatment delivered on a single time point (1500 mg/d) among 54 patients.
Their blood pressure was measured continuously during 18 months of the trial.
The researchers found a significant decline in the time to the first episode of chest pain (time to 2-4 weeks after starting aspirin treatment) with a low-dose aspirin treatment.
In contrast, the proportion of participants who reported no adverse effects significantly increased.

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Genetic ScandiScreen betaples out sooner in mice than humans

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