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Yes, great-grandparents are more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia

(HealthDay)—The average prevalence of leukemia in grandparents is higher than the general population, a Danish-led study finds. This wasn’t because they were more likely to get their leukemia, the study concluded. “People with leukemia in their grandparents respond better to drugs than others,” said senior author Jan Moverudera, of Aarhus University in southern Denmark. The …

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Capsule can deliver chemo-elimination technology to remote organs

Surgeons have developed a “miniature” version of the same cable known as N-terminal cell capa-free system, which can deliver chemo-elimination technology to remote organs without doing damage directly to the exposed portion of the body. The breakthrough, reported in Scientific Reports, could result in specific treatment for cancers. “We’re able to deliver engineered, super-targeted chemo-elimination …