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Healthcare Club Liaison Positions 2017-2018

Liaisons are 1st year students who work with club VPs to plan and execute against our objectives. While being a liaison is not strictly necessary for holding club office in 2nd year, most officers across MBASA have previously served as a liaison in some capacity.

What’s in it for you?

  • Experience planning and executing impactful activities in one of the school’s most visible areas of study.
  • Collaboration and networking with 2nd-year students and alumni who have experience in your target companies and/or positions.
  • Leadership development, for 2nd year club positions and beyond.
  • A resume line item that demonstrates commitment to the Healthcare field.

What do we expect from liaisons?

  • Know what you are committing to, and honor those commitments; maintain balance with all academic and personal/family issues.
  • Promote Healthcare Club and its activities at every opportunity.
  • Actively attend Healthcare Club events, especially those which fall within your area of responsibility. All liaisons are expected to attend the Induction on September 8th.
  • Communicate/respond in timely fashion.
  • Take initiative (don’t always rely on being told exactly what to do; we want to hear your ideas).
  • Demonstrate professionalism and good judgement in all interactions with companies, recruiters, faculty, students, and other key stakeholders.

How do you apply?

If applying to a position included in this document, send your resume along with a few paragraphs identifying the following, as appropriate:

  • The title of the position to which you are applying.
  • Any skills, experience, or qualities relevant to the position which aren’t covered in your resume.
  • Brief description of why you would like to hold the position this year (any honest answer is the right answer!).

If you have a burning desire to be involved in another way, either with a current role or with your own project, please also send a resume and letter. In your letter, explain in detail what you would like to do, and how it will contribute to realizing the vision of the Healthcare Club.

Based on initial applications, each VP will select candidates for 30-minute interviews to be held after Sept 4th.

Click here for the list of liaison positions.

Email your resume and letter to [email protected] by Friday, September 1st.