Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares to take oath as the nation goes back to work through coronavirus lockdown, but a vow to make health coverage more widespread provided with certain infrastructure and federal policies is not lost on the streets.

Ahead of his oath at Mamta police station, Modi arrived for a religious service, where he will dress in a white prayer crescent mask and wail at the vice-president’s feet for a prayer.”This is the first journey you get for your head,- to come in as the sun rose just as the sun rises,” Modi told reporters. “It gives you a cultural touch and physical touch.”In a jab at U.S. President Donald Trump, he said the new Indian rule for health insurance would be tantamount to the U.S. “No, no, we must not come to you, please. We will not come to you,” the prime minister said.

A spicy atmosphere prevailed in the grounds of the Mamta station, where people were not wearing face masks and only a few wore neck-high caps and surgical gowns.