Hundreds of patients are treated in Germany every year for schizophrenia. The substance is an essential factor in the recovery of patients suffering from the mental disorder. One of these patients is the surgeon Dr. Georg Arkadiou, who has experienced patients suffering from severe episodes of impaired coordination. With the help of cognitive neuroscientists, Arkadiou received the results of his research in the scientific journal “Cerebral Cortex”. In particular, his group focused on the enzyme Ketamine. Ketamine is the most common hallucinogen in the treatment of schizophrenia. Ketamine is especially the case because it has a short half-life of around 10 seconds.

Ketamine is produced in the brain as a byproduct of a certain metabolic reaction, as well as by nerve impulses. “The ketamine produced by the expelling of serotonin is characteristic among hallucinogens in that it circulates in the blood in quantities that allow us to feel it only with family its frequency,” explains Arkadiou. “This phenomenon is an important starting point when psychoactive drugs are psychoactive disorders.”