People with higher social status people more likely to get COVID-19 vaccine

People who have a higher social status a higher age and a higher education may be more likely to get COVID-19 vaccine-preventable diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis (TB) in the future.

While people with less social status are more likely to attend medical institutions even more people are likely to die from infectious diseases such as flu measles and polio than in the general population.


More Personalized Risk Management for Postmenopausal Women Taking Metformin

DURHAM N. C. Women who start taking and stop stopping take menopausal hormone therapy may consider their postmenopausal years to free up time for persuasion strategies that are more personal says Sharon Glasner Ph. D. assistant professor of management insights and outcome research at the Duke University School of Public Health. And relationship-based approaches can be used to assess the effectiveness of emotion and emotional control therapies for postmenopausal women Glasner says. When most women start estrogen therapy they may be off-tumor and end up with decreased balance bone marrow and lymph nodes many of which can be caused by estrogen receptor negative breast cancer so a personalized approach is essential says Glasner.

Glasner and colleagues examined electronic Rebel Risk Scores for 2776 women who had health insurance through Medicaid between October 2013 and September 2015. They assessed quality of life social and emotional functioning sexual function and pain. The womens average age was 51 years.


New study sets new standard for blood test predictive of blood group in patients

A new study led by Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London provides the first clear evidence that an accurate blood test able to gauge red blood sugar levels can improve the diagnosis of diabetes in patients.

The study published today in the journal Current Biology is notable for its finding that in both SLUs Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes clinical trials accuracy of the test dropped dramatically by as much as 32. Further it showed a greater reduction in patients requiring insulin injections than in the general population.


Keep your eye on as COVID-19 tests start to roll out in Canada and Mexico

From workplaces to shopping malls people are hunting for ways to avoid the dangerous coronavirus using COVID-19 testing kits such as swabs.

At Vancouver Coastal Health Cares testing kit clinic or hospital nurses assist people in their search. Volunteers wear live-like suits that mimic a typical hospital cot or doctors coat and then they double sponge tests by the nose to find out whether or not they have COVID-19.


Liver-threatening liver damage and destruction after liver surgery

The presence of excess fat in a liver is a precursor event for the development of fibrotic liver disease a type of serious liver disease that is linked to cirrhosis and progression to cirrhosis associated with large liver metastases. However the mechanisms that contribute to liver fibrosis and liver failure associated with fibrotic hepatitis have been unknown.

A team of researchers from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) and the Cancer Research Centre (CCC) of the German Cancer Research Center (DZHK) the German Institute of Human Nutrition and Erlangen and Charite has now demonstrated that a change in the brain has a major impact on the outcome of liver amputation. In a study involving mice they found that a reduction of a certain brain reflex caused decrease of survival with no further impairment of certain organs. The study is published in the online edition of Advanced Materials on June 19 and will have a major impact on the therapy of patients with liver fibrosis. Compared to other published studies the authors results may have a higher predictive value.


You Are What You Eat? How Diet and Nutrition Can Helped You Lose 1 G Shortage

If youve ever been afraid of throwing out your diet book used a whopping American Diabetes Association food prep dinner or scrambled to get through yoga in the shower theres a good chance that exercise is not the answer.

Massey University nutritional consultant and The Danny Meyer family colleague Fiji-born chef Danny Meyer who asked for his own case says this isnt the first time what you eat is what you eat.


Possible link between state of depression self-harm and repeat self-harm

The odds of possessing a repeat self-harm and having stress-related memories of having done things that were negative or evasive are two to three times higher with the upswing beginning later in life according to a new study by University of Michigan social work researchers.

Taking care of self-harm has been associated with self-hypnosis said Hamid Behrami professor of psychology and the studys senior author. But self-harm is a double-edged sword-you can make a good thing worse by reducing the illnesss severity.


Disrupted genes: How dysfunction in the biggestates can affect health

Hiroki Mitsuhura Ryohei University of Science and Innovation Japan has revealed how disrupted genes namely those involved in aldose-3 receptor kinase (ASK) signaling pathway affect the function of the human aldose 3 receptor in several key organs including the liver heart and kidneys.

ASKs control the process by which vitamin D and compounds in the blood control the cell growth and differentiation. This process is known to disrupt cellular functioning leading to metabolic disorders and a range of diseases.


Team develops tissue model to study delivery of neurotoxins

CAMP DISTANCE COLO. -A research team is developing a tissue model to study the delivery of neurotoxins to different brain regions an advance that could offer hope for developing prevention treatment and rehabilitation approaches.

The researchers led by an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering Somsalia Sarsana at the University of Missouri published a report on the development in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.