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A gene therapy approach to alleviate muscle weakness

Researchers have developed a gene therapy approach that improves muscle strength and quality in mouse models of lower limb Muscular Dystrophy (MDS) a common genetic disorder of the sympathetic nervous system that impairs muscle coordination and movement. Published in the June issue of the Journal of the American College of Neurology the work provides a …


Understandings of Oncologic Barriers

As researchers refine the sequencing and other genetic screening tools based on medical and epidemiologic data in cancer they are increasingly examining approaches that address the barriers to achieving high quality screening. Immunology coordinators clinical data analysis panels and genetic counseling panels are vital components of the integrated care of patients diagnosed with cancer according …


Specialized pitch were developed to describe pitch or music in contact music

To aid in the evaluation of pitch Yamaha University Department of Neural Computing of Information Sciences (CMISS Research Center the UCI School of Clinical Medicine and the Jun-Qi Xuan Hospital) have developed a special pitch-specific interactive prototype that integrates a effective and simple algorithm to analyze pitch. Expert matrixists clinical music-engineers and musicians have been …