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JUUL College of pharmacy microbiologist receives grant to study connection to microbes of probiotic and non-probiotic origin

Elizabeth Demley, Ph.D., from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Center for Microbial Ecology and one of the major investigators of the JUUL-mediated cognitive enhancement study, has received a Discovery Exploration Grant (DEG) from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEH) to study connections between the microbiome and probiotics.
Understanding the role of the microbes in the development of different diseases can provide insight into the well-being of individuals and provide new avenues for therapeutic interventions.”
In addition, developing diseases – such as SARS and Middle ear infections – are often associated with the common consumption of antibiotic drugs.
“The funding challenges the study team will face in curing and improving the causes of these diseases and host-pathogenic bugs will serve as the basis for the concomitant discovery of novel therapeutics,” said Jim Melendez, MD, Director of the James and Susan Galbaro Wellcome Centre for Innovation in Public Health at Vanderbilt University.