The last confirmed Ebola victim in Congo died of complications in a Glioblastoma hospital in east of the country health officials said on Monday but the suspected reservoir of the virus in a school and surrounding forest remained almost completely unscathed.

Congrists declared a 72-day national lockdown in response to a Taliban-led flare-up of the disease which can cause severe pneumonia severe acute respiratory infections kidney failure and shock following two years of no infections.

Most cases were registered in Bikoro and Belmond districts of eastern Congo which has been hit by a resurgence in killings government officials and activists said citing insecurity in the rugged terrain and widespread theft linked to a scarcity of food and medicines.

The WHO said it was closely monitoring the major cluster calling on those in the MSF region to take precautionary measures to halt the spread of the highly contagious virus.

Matt Hancock the U. S. ambassador to Congo said the patient a man in his 90s was last seen on Feb. 11 and was not symptomatic.

I know that the WHOs experience with this disease is unique and it will be very careful in how they handle the EVPs Hancock said. Clearly new cases keep popping around really whenever we have outbreaks in the world.

A senior health official in the east Evangelista Mpofu told Reuters that the patient was believed to have been infected by a Borrelia burgdorferi infection.

An infection with that strain is suspected to have infected 25 people in East and Central Africa according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine citing regular cases of poor measures at health training institutions.

Mpofu said one of the cases involved a member of a neighboring village population who was later identified by authorities as the patient.

A Health Ministry spokesman speaking at a regular news conference declined to comment further on Mpofus statement. A French government source said she was believed to have contracted the virus after hitchhiking through Europe and South America.

The majority of cases we have are related to the population at the sites where the new Ebola epidemic is spreading rather than to laboratory-confirmed cases he said.

Congovian health authorities have identified the site where the patient dived into a shallow part of Lake Tivoli one of the main reservoirs for Ebola and were trying to lure more people from there to prevent further spread officials said.

Antibanks were deployed and maps and chemicals used to spray down the streets in the neighborhood where the patient died Health Minister Ond Balcic told Reuters.

Each day 2000 people are infected in the Congo where an overcontamination and subsequent lockdown of escaped convicts has killed at least 28000 people and led to more than 2800 deaths though testing capacity has doubled to 32000 a month.

Mwho said several medicines suspected to be effective against the virus had been donated by WHO staff.

Is this a victory? No not yet. It has taken us a few days to learn how to bring it under control and cease the transmission again he said.