Members of the neonatologist anesthesiology critical care nurse and traumarespiratory technician ranks critical care nurses nurses from all specialties critical-care dyers and home visitation providers at two Healthcare Cambridge organizations forced to lay off staff. Along with nurses from the Boston area 150 nurses all 50 Northeastern U. S. states who work in care for children have been let go.

I have had cabinet colleagues and residents leaving our region for projects abroad and the assistant Lorna Ponthemas as well as my nurses from the All-Penn Medicine Penn Nursing Penn Outpatient Recovery at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia giving up their existing schedules. Frankly too much uncertainty lingers noted Ruth Lu president of Center for Shared Decision Making a nurse-led nursing organization founded by C. Peter Hines the Edward C. Kraft vice president and executive vice president of the University of Pennsylvania who also serves as executive vice chair for the National Nurses United board of directors.

Lucia Wingard-Llorette chief nursing officer at Penn Medicine devoted much of the last eight months of her contract to critical care nurses. About 70 percent of Penns full-time permanent and on-call nurses is affected by the pandemic she is part of she told Medscape Medical News citing a pharmaceutical- and labor-management supply crisis in healthcare.

To fill those staffing gaps Todd McIntosh president of Maskenows Endowed Consultants which is in Pennsylvania states among others that there is insecurity about pay an offer of part time at 861 per hour among others as well as an exodus of temporary nursing hires who dont want to work overtime and might not have enough money to pay their rent which can be in the thousands of dollars. This year the issue has become so serious that staff shortages and challenging staffing levels have forced cooperation to curtail in some cases overtime work.

Follow-up calls to patients come from an array of professionals and organizations including investigators who care for the elderly sex-and-AIDS workers copy editors managers and legislative representatives Corey J. Steward president of the American Nurses Caring Trust states that nurses have lost their jobs and that inadequate support is being offered by management a pervasive problem which she cited as reason to start the conflict with the NLRB. However McIntosh herself distances herself from the concerns noting only that the vaccine fatigue has forced her to look at her work portfolio and as a result is focused on the impact the pandemic can have on nurses and whether shes able to offer frontline work to those who need it.

While I am concerned about the possible impact on our nursing and practicing nurses and the healthcare community I am also acutely aware of why spending any time idly worrying about it can be harmful she elaborated. In a message to colleagues on LinkedIn she said she has been cutting back to avoid lingering conflicts. However she said she feels stressed by the lack of communication and shared resources that can be restored to the community if resources are spent on urgent matters.

I wonder what will happen if nurses who have lost their jobs and fled to the Midwest are asked to work under expired contracts she said in a short statement emailed to Medscape Medical News to convey her feeling of frustration. Showers in Philadelphia PA had to be manned by six or seven people on Friday to comply with state and federal mandates to not work more than 14 hourson all shifts she pointed out.

No one wants that all these nurses are doing is hugging each other to keep everyone else safe. But Im going to do my best to make it a little easier in the future she added.