Boulder and Mayo Clinic scholars have found a way to boost blood flow in the penis that is usually ineffective and impossible. Bioluminescent chemicals were found increasing the haemodynamic inducible factor levels which is known for activating production of UNL forms of blood cells, in effect dilating the blood vessels and having harder erection. However below average blood flow in penis remains an issue it can go a long way to impotence in man.

“Through testosterone, we have alternative avenues for treating clinical haemorrhoids: which could be needed for further research and testing,” Zheng says. “What we’ve done is better pump the blood to the penis and can be an attractive alternative for future work. Urologists are already using ETBs that essentially work like this.”

Do Erectile Dysfunction Medication Treatments Work

The drug monotherapy is being tested on rats for the treatment of ED and is most often used in the developing countries. Food and drug administration (FDA) has not approved and approved monotherapy for the treatment of the digestive disorders.