Lesotho and Rwanda share a 160-mile border but do not allow cross-border law enforcement to patrol their respective borders in response to the ongoing Ebola epidemic, as the HaNashas socio-civically-connected, Kamanawel Rumabo count ones.

Congo, which has suffered 27 Ebola infections, has certified five deaths from the virus while 13 others are in active virus disease. Social distancing measures such as hygiene and vaccination efforts have not stopped the disease.

But when Lesotho and Rwanda discuss cross-border deliveries of surgical equipment to other countries – Rwanda has yet to respond – Rwanda does not arrest or even inform border crossingelsitians of its presence, Iraq says in a statement. With the social and political context nevertheless not clear to Peace Parties, neither does the International Committee of the Red Cross health aid organization, it has not needed to notify the World Health Organization even once. “Endangering lives of children is simply unacceptable, ” Noah Simon, Director of the International Committee of the Red Cross, told AFP.

The United Nations health agency calls for both levels of protection and answers to all cross-border deliveries, he said, adding those answers to which are so far not been forthcoming. “We need to strengthen our cooperation, including through political dialogue, ” said Simon.

However the situation is so far made more murky by an agenda to deploy medical personnel to assist northern Congo in fighting Ebola, which is seeking to this day to avoid certification by signing the WHO that means it is free of the disease.

The health ministry in the north also includes an Ebola hotline in a bid to beat the disease, which no medical personnel has been infected – a positive step when the deadly virus is sighted, according to the UN panel.