Myers Health Sciences which is developing an oral drug for COVID-19 said on Tuesday its unit DrugAvac Research Development Inc. began optimizing its own manufacturing facility in Michigan for manufacturing two experimental coronavirus vaccines.

The manufacturer plans to begin ramping up production of its 600-milligram dose (22 gmL) DT1V vaccine candidate in April.

Myers said it is continuing to work with Bushman Bio a private company based in Ithaca New York to adapt materials in the manufacturing process.

We continue to do our part to ensure our employees are complying with all safety-related and fine-grained safety controls in order to deliver safe and effective vaccines to communities at-risk of severe health threat MSM Chief Executive Officer Kate Flannery told Reuters in an email.

She said the company will also visit MSMs facilities in the third shipping building in hopes of getting additional equipment.

DrugAvac Research Development which also is building a factory for the Sunsola Vexa Biospec said it includes the scripts and manufacturing partners for its running of its Kansas City facility. Two of the plants are manufacturing liquid components for injections of mesenchymal stem cells it said.