Irish e-cigarette and vaping firm MyFiE has announced a ban on the sale of all its electronic devices including vaping pens and vapourisers in order to combat the growing popularity and demand for tobacco-flavored vaping products in Ireland.

The company also said that all its intellectual property rights will be retained by it and until further notice the Irish Cancer Society doesnt have permission to reveal the names of the people who have contracted the use of the products.

The ban on the sale of all its electronic devices comes after three people aged between 27 and 55 were admitted to hospital with a recurring infection testing positive for the virus after using several e-cigarette products containing nicotine the company said.

It said that none of the in-patient patients including men women or anyone who happens to have lung cancer received a refill which may have contained nicotine or menthol.

Cig and vape companies say they are helping to cut the number of people who use these products which is blocking legislation intended to curb the number of youth who are using these products. Theres a lot of stigma about tobacco and a lot of fear amongst people in Ireland about vaping MyFiE Product Development Manager Gilles OSullivan told Reuters.

Its a medical decision and its a medical judgement and in Ireland we have an informed multidisciplinary public health system capable of explaining the health benefit(. . . ) The Honest Farmers Act doesnt cover e-cigarettes and it might explain theres a powerful case that nicotine is not an acceptable substitute. We need to be clear that this isnt a full stop as its a voluntary ban. Its all about protecting those of us who work and live in Ireland from this terrible disease he said.

MyFiE welcomed the decision saying that the ban offers people a simpler and safer option than alternative products. The company added that the ban should also be adapted to avoid creating any ill-willed customers.

Ireland which lags in the world in terms of tobacco use registered just 0. 4 of new daily tobacco caused by youth in 2018 although more than one in four cases was among young people.

Earlier this week the Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said that while the ban on the sale of all e-cigarette and vaping products should be extended to cover all e-cigarettes and vaping devices he did not think it was the right time for Britain to pull out of a landmark global agreement to combat tobacco.

The tobacco industry has lobbied hard for the global agreement to be kept up. The British government has aimed to do so by 18 months though a decision is due by the end of June.