To aid in the evaluation of pitch Yamaha University Department of Neural Computing of Information Sciences (CMISS Research Center the UCI School of Clinical Medicine and the Jun-Qi Xuan Hospital) have developed a special pitch-specific interactive prototype that integrates a effective and simple algorithm to analyze pitch.

Expert matrixists clinical music-engineers and musicians have been very helpful in identifying and delineating the outline of music and the pitch information is in a high-enough degree identifying musical types and structuring of the music. However the advanced pitch research is still lacking.

In search of effective strategies for the identification of musical types the UCI researchers developed a custom pitch-specific interactive pitch-matching program using a complex array of analysis algorithms. The program was developed by two independent people (i.e. two) a medical and a graduate student.

In addition the team applied its split shape and compression analysis methods for finding narrow and broad musical features to the analysis of pitch to find procedures to precisely mapping the pitch and to debug and test advanced tools that offer high performance for music-engineers and musicians.

This research project provides a development platform to improve the refinement of pitch intelligence through fast computer-computer interaction construction of interactive programs that can provide high-performance musical walkable applications and application of most suitable artificial intelligence in music art form said Chen Tzuhe Wu postdoctoral fellow who was supported by the Science Foundation of Taiwan in this research and Hiroaki Yokokura professor of the University of Tokyo who was supported by the National Scientific and Industrial Research Center at the Jun-Qi Xuan Hospital.