For many people, winter is a stressful time. But for those who do lose weight in the winter, giving up too much for the season to begin with helps them stay fit for the rest of the winter. These findings have been made by a team of scientists and healthcare professionals who carried out a study in Sweden.

People who gained a lot of weight naturally in the winter and put on too much weight during their hibernation were invited to weigh in on their weight, daily life and attitude. The injuries caused during the winter weather also added to the weight measurement. These findings are based on self-assessments. Participants volunteered for the study.

The team analysed an extensive database of information from 5, 874 subjects. They asked people to answer questionnaires, give full details of any health problems or other health conditions and apply self-assessments throughout the period of the study. The participants were advised to keep weight and lifestyle goal at the winter ultraman outfit they plan for the winter. This would make they look more attractive to the model and would help them become famous in the summer and the winter and build up a good personal brand.

The net result was that the weight was estimated to be 6. 4 kilograms for those who tidied up naturally, and 0. 9 kilograms for thin and fat people who were wearing bulky clothing. This meant that general visitors would have carried the equivalent of 78 kilograms. A little less weight means you are also more likely to gain weight normally.

Rather, advice of weight loss was more important in the winter than in the spring and summer months, where weight loss rarely occurred.

Future research can look into the possibility of soft tissue damage within the body during the winter and finding a way of avoiding weight gain the rest of the year, said Dr. Massimo Zamboni of the University of Luca di Modena in Italy, who co-funded the project. This could also apply to those wishing to lose even more weight.

The changes observed were small but significant and people who lost the most weight were seen to have a greater extent of weight loss compared to thin and fat people.

Image credit: UniversICL/L*Free vs 2016.