A UCLA-led clinical trial has found that Meridian Healths gene therapy called MALD-001 significantly improved survival and mood-regeneration outcomes of pediatric Glioblastoma an especially aggressive subtype of brain cancer. The trials results appear today in the journal GENES.

How the therapy works.

The treatment is based on the study of changes that occur in a cancer cells nucleus which is known to be involved in gene and developmental regulation. The nucleus is fundamentally linked to nonnuclear (non-DNA) metabolism and a protein called AMP kinase regulates cell metabolism.

Researchers have already shown that MALD-001 can improve the results of MALD-001 in a mouse model of glioblastoma tumors. In the current trial cancer cells were transplanted into the patients brain and treated with the approach. The researchers then assessed the number of malignant cells and their degree of resistance to therapy in the brain. Pictured are the results of the trial. Click here to see an interactive graphic that illustrates the results of the clinical trialMALD-001 was initially given to six children with glioblastoma who were not responsive to other shorter-course gene-targeted or gene-targeted therapies. All patients were randomized two-week dosing and in four patients the therapy was switched to the shorter-course gene-targeted treatment. Patients received MALD-001 tested in patients with the follow-up study at 3 6 10 and 24 months after receiving MALD-001 first in the longer-course group and then in the shorter-course group with amniocidal therapy. The treatment was discontinued in patients at 24 months.

After 14 months there were no significant differences between the treatment groupsFootnote 1Pictured are the results of the follow-up study. Click here to see an interactive graphic that illustrates the results of the clinical trial.

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