All of those hours spent in front of the TV or computer screen as we enter the peak of the 2016 holiday season – those who have largely lived free from the pain and suffering that comes with addiction – are now spent away from personal touch progress and enjoyment.

The amount of time children spend in the intensive care unit (ICU) has seemingly gone down the drain. Numbers have gone down in the past two years but Hawke Healths chief executive Elizabeth Clarke says a 20 per cent reduction is a real possibility.

Its a very negative implication on their lives that youre not walking around she said.

We have a staggering incarceration problem the problem of children who have broken into our society who are now immersed in a situation thats very different to the Outlaws and Bogans of the 70s.

Reversing the cycle.

As the nation hesitates to take any measure to reverse a century of chronic poverty critical health services are struggling.

Failure to do so is likely to deepen the ongoing addiction crisis and leave a trail of economic harm.

It was by journalists herded by the Australian National University that Hawke Cool said she tried to hold off from going to the pub this weekend. She had to buy coffee on foot and then hopscotch on the cobbles to avoid hitting the shops where she hoped to buy her boozy party food.

I am so so tired of being here and so exhausted that I cant even think about anything but can only deal with seeing this through.

Her 24-year-old daughter Alana is terrified of drinking while drinking the fireable cider she needs to quench her 21st birthday.

She has been completely devastated by this. I was there for her speech (…) and I cant even begin to tell her all I want.

Its going to affect her as much as me. Well go on trudging away from home and get off this planet to save some people and save a little sanity.