The number of people who have died from COVID-19 in the United States rose by more than 1200 on Tuesday though the death toll from the coronavirus epidemic in China reached more than 5000.

Facing the looming surge in deaths in the United States is President Donald Trump who has been under pressure to act sooner than planned to slow the unlimited spread of the disease.

Last week the Trump administration said some 800-900 deaths were likely to arrive soon far below the usual peak this month and a severe mid-March peak in US deaths among states.

COVID-19 cases started rising again in the previous four weeks with an average of 140 new confirmed cases a day in the last two weeks up from 100 a day the previous two weeks.

The efforts to control the spread of the novel coronavirus underscore the enormous political challenge for the next president of the United States: how to bring the pandemic under control while maintaining the minimum social safety in a country of 81. 7 million people.

NEW FRONTIER SAFESOURCE WITNESS HOW COVID-19 DIMINATION COULD BE CLOSEDThe tipping point was we have some now sitting in our hospital systems. The numbers are ready for a tipping point. We need to open up a rapid testing close it (parasites) stop the transmission in China and also close the gaps there Obama said in the interview broadcast via the White House.

I cant overstate just how dangerous it is that we are having a surge in cases where we are at a disadvantage and are at greater risk of a second wave of COVID-19 he said.

As well on Tuesday WHO experts said they were writing a new global code describing for the first time even risk of a worldwide pandemic.

We are proposing things that are both more effective and more safe Suzanne Power head of WHOs public health emergency programme told an occasion for leaders from the full 194-nation WHO to sign their first joint communiqu.

She said the codename for the code was sexy.

The top Democrat on the House of Representatives health panel Elijah Cummings said officials should not discuss the matter before that document is issued.

The last thing we should do is do anything to mislead people Cummings told CNN. Exxon chief executive Darren Van Orringenger told Reuters he was listening to the New York Times report and doubted the risk was massive.

The number that were talking about is actually whats been shown today to be the strongest case that were talking about.

Johnson and Van Orringer said they did not support the plan at Tuesdays briefing.

Meanwhile White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told Fox News that the president was developing an understanding of how he needed to help make public the CDCs plan to reopen the economy with the primary goal being to avoid exacerbating the disruption already seen in the 12 month-old economy.

The draft strategy includes a number of new programs including a promise to boost manufacturing in the South and Midwest and more federal support for food-distribution centers.