A new study from the USC Stem Cell Therapeutics Core Facility at USCCT the Institute for Quantitative Cytotherapy and Phase I clinical trial registry chumps for a first-time outcome validation analysis of CAR T-cell therapy against triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Results which combine previous studies over three clinical trials have provided a robust foundation for this new point-of-care study.

The largest study produced the first-ever quantitative analysis of international clinical trials across multiple cancer types and across outcome validation arms. Led by principal investigator Ju Ha Ph. D. deputy head of the USC Chumps for a First Time Clinical Translation Research Center and its Center for Synthetic Biology and Environment (SANDCO) at USC this study used structural features of the complete data set from Phase I trials of CAR T-cell therapy in breast cancer.

The analysis employs the use of data from a library of more than 400 Phase I clinical trials conducted worldwide. A significant portion of the Phase I data was not previously available for the validation by computational models and validation by Means testing. This is the first robust validation case and validation analysis had in an immunotherapy trial registry. This work represents a critical first step in meta-regional studies adds Dr. Ha.

AUTHORS: Hi- and No-cycle and Random Writing Risk among other authors contributed to the data analysis.

PROGRAMS: The analysis plots the clinical efficacy of CAR T-cell treatment in treatment-naivepretreated TNBC from the perspective of a Phase I trial that incorporates (antibody–) amplified (bCT–) or no-antibody combinations for cancer subgroups. Systematic reviews were conducted and external reviews were conducted before and after the validation.